Stuff Stuff Stuff!!

What to stuff in your dog’s “stuffer” toy!

We, the women of Wag!, love our “stuffer” toys for our pups. We use the Bionic toys – but there are lots of options out there (Kong, Pickle Pockets, etc.).

How do you use your stuffer toy? Everyday feedings? Boredom alleviation? Fun mind game? Distraction while vacuuming?

There are many great ways to use a stuffer toy – and MANY great things to stuff it with!

  • Mashed veggies
  • Sweet Potato
  • Pumpkin
  • Wet Dog food mixed with kibble
  • Plain yogurt

There is no rule that you HAVE to feed your dog kibble twice a day from a bowl – you are allowed to mix it up and keep it interesting for your pup!

We recommend a “calorie exchange,” which simply means exchanging some of the kibble you serve everyday for something else! At the end of the day calories are calories – so mix it up! Give your pups some caloric-variety!

Wet food, canned pumpkin, cottage cheese, plain yogurt

You may want to freeze any of the stuffer options to decrease the amount of mess and increase the amount of time it takes the dog to work through the toy.

All of the stuff-able items listed above can be frozen for a longer lasting effect.

Dogs are natural opportunistic foragers and hunters! They need variety just like we do! It can also be very good for dogs to feel as though they are working for their food – the stuffer toy feeding method can be a great outlet for that “hunting instinct.”

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