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Quality Food Patrol!

Wag! is now offering lots of great new foods for you pup!

Below are just a few examples:




(Dry and Can)

*** Merrick Food is a high quality USA-made dog food. Wag! offers the dog food in the store but we have access to cat food for special orders if you are looking for a high-quality Grain-Free cat food!
–> Merrick offers a 70%/30% food combination. 70% meat and fished sourced ingredients that help build and maintain lean and healthy muscle tissue as well as a good source of protein. 30% fresh produce which offers vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

ALL Merrick food is locally sourced and bought from American farmers and ranchers throughout all four seasons.

“With fewer distributors, handlers and warehouses, our ingredients are fresher because they are immediately used. This is the standard to which we hold ourselves. As a result, Merrick recipes don’t contain any ingredients from China. Because your pet deserves food that is locally sourced.”





Wag! offers a Special Needs Diet, Synergy (dehydrated vegetable mix) supplement, as well as canned Venison dog food in store. We have access to a myriad of other flavors and diets by Canine Caviar – just ask! We can order it for you!

Canine Caviar is the ONLY alkaline-based dog food in America that is specifically designed to reduce the risk of cancer!

Their products specifically address kidney, liver, heart disease, diabetes and cancer – as well as MANY less life threatening and more common dog ailments such as digestive upsets, protein sensitivities, scratching, itching, hotspots, and shedding.

**** Veterinarians recommend using the Special Needs Diet (which we carry in store) IN PLACE OF prescription diets. ****

Wag! has one animal employee that benefits greatly from Canine Caviar – she has a healthy immune system, digestion, bowel movements, and coat ta-boot!





“We believe that dogs and cats deserve to thrive on pure, simple, minimally processed food – the way nature intended. That’s why our natural dinners aren’t cooked like most commercial pet foods. And why every patty is made with select organic produce and raw, USDA-inspected meat.”
Stella & Chewy’s foods are RAW freeze dried patties specifically designed to make a raw food diet convenient and cost effective for the average dog owner.
Many dog (and Cat!!) owners are noticing the benefits of a raw/unprocessed diet for their animals. But it’s expensive – and time consuming! Stella’s makes it easy!
All of the products are raw and naturally raised meat, poultry, and fish (sourced from USDA-inspected facilities) with NO added hormones or antibiotics.
All products are made without grains, fillers, or artificial preservatives or coloring.

“Commercial pet food is one of the most highly processed products on the planet. Prepared at extreme temperatures, much of its nutritional value is literally cooked away. In contrast, Stella & Chewy’s products are natural* and raw, which many veterinarians believe is better for pets. Because the closer foods stay to their natural state, the better they are. Plus, all of our dinners and treats are made with real, raw meat. So they’re full of flavors that dogs naturally crave.”
*with added vitamins and minerals

Stella’s & Chewy’s also provides great raw/freeze dried treats!!

Wag! recommends Stella & Chewy’s foods for LOTS of different reasons. We have resolved one cat’s persistent vomiting problem by restructuring her diet with Natural Balance dry cat food and supplementing it with 4 or 5 S&C crunchy cat patties.

We also have customers who use this product as the main meal source – and many who use it as a healthy supplement to their animals food!

Different animals require different things!

There are many benefits to a raw food diet: immune system builder, metabolism, protein/fat sensitivities, improved appetite and digestion, healthy skin and coat, as well as stamina and vitality!

If you are thinking about switching to a raw food diet and are running into time or cost crunches – consider Stella and Chewy’s!

The “Invincible” Toy Myth

Have you ever bought an “invincible” dog toy that lasted all of five minutes with your dog?
We thought so…the answer is usually “Yes!”

The women of Wag! would like to set the record straight about “invincible”/”indestructible”  dog toys:

Rule #1: There is NO such thing as an indestructible/invincible dog toy! Unless Nasa wants to make a toy.
– We think it is highly unfair to our customers for a product to claim “indestructibility/invincibility.”

Rule #2: There ARE durable and/or long lasting dog toys.

Rule #3: Every dog is different. Different dogs need different material, shapes, and sizes of dog toy for their specific chewing style.
– Some dogs pick at the edges of toys with their front teeth
-Some chomp and grind their teeth from the side on the corner of a toy
-Some just like to obsess until an internal squeaker has met its death.

Rule #4: Every toy is different.
– Each dog will treat different materials differently.
-Some may destroy latex or rubber toys but not rope or soft toys…and vice versa!

Type of toy or treat for durability is important.

Edible yet Durable:

  • Antlers

  • – Naturally shed, durable, marrow-filled, long-lasting (depending on the size), healthy treat
  • Ostrich Bones and Femurs

    -Strongest bone for a dog to chew on, marrow-filled, smoked, locally sourced!
  • Bully Stixs

    -GREAT alternative to Rawhide chews, 100% digestible, quality dehydrated meat

Durable Soft Toys:

  • Huggle Hounds

    -Soft and plushy toys (some with stuffing, some without) reinforced underneath with a durable material designed to deter rips and tears.
  • Mighty Dog Toys
    -Durable stuffed toys, reinforced with multiple layers of seams throughout the toy, there are varying levels of durability among the different toys

Durable Hard Toys

  • Bionic
  • -The Kong competitor – different patented material and different toy designs for dog enjoyment.

—> Wag! offers all of the above options of toys and chews. If you have ANY questions about your dog, his/her chewing habits, current toys you own, etc. Please do not hesitate to call and we will help you find the toy right for you!

For the Love of Animals!

T.A.A.G (Transylvania Animal Alliance Group) presents “For the Love of Animals!”

This event includes a Wine Tasting (optional) until 7pm, a silent auction, and other goodies! Please come down the Villa Roma and support our friends with T.A.A.G in the fight for animals!

20% of the proceeds go to T.A.A.G!!!

Date: February 13, 2013 4pm-9pm

Price: $10 in advance or $15 at the door

RSVP @ 828-890-5839

This benefit will be hosted at Villa Roma
(3754 Brevard Road, in Horse Shoe Plaza)

*** Childcare will be available at Lions Club Pizza & activities for $5 a child per hour.
RSVP for childcare @828-388-2532

Leash Safety!

We have all been there: You are walking down the street, dog spots a squirrel, your dog tugs, you pull and SNAP the leash clip snaps open and your dog is on the loose.

What do you do? ….Well, run after your dog like a crazy person of course.

What could you have done to prevent said SNAP?

We recommend using a ‘carabiner’ (metal clip used most often for rock climbing) to attach from the leash to the collar as well as the leash clip. Extra support never hurts!

Lover’s Lane is Back!

Lover’s Lane on Main

Once again, downtown merchants have a great promotion planned for Valentine’s Day in downtown! It’s called “Lovers Lane on Main”. The concept is simple: two businesses will ‘pair up’ and when, for example’ you shop at one business you will receive a ‘Valentine’ (coupon) for a tempting offer from a different business and vice versa. Merchants in downtown Hendersonville are celebrating Valentine’s Day with sweetheart deals during the eleventh annual “Lovers Lane On Main”! Everybody is so ‘in love’ with this idea of pairing up! Hopefully, our customers will all ‘fall in love‘ with downtown Hendersonville all over again. Valentine Flyers will be on the doors of participating “couples”! The promotion will run from February 1 through the 14th. Watch for special valentines on the doors of participating merchants!

Participating Merchants:
Susan’s and Four Seasons
Art Mob and Wag! A Unique Pet Boutique
Banana Moon & La Vida Loca Women ‘s Boutique
Hands On!, Dancing Bear Toys and Fountainhead Books
Kilwin’s and Falderal Winery
All Nations Trading and Mrs. G & Me
Mia’s and Think Pink
Nonesuch and Beehive
Once Upon A Sign and Mikes On Main
Narnia Studios and Mountain Deli

What’s Happening This Week at Wag!

It’s Nutcracker Time!

Bring us a playbill from the Flat Rock Playhouse’s production of “THE NUTCRACKER” and get a free treat!

Wednesday 19,2012 – Saturday 22, 2012

Next Week’s Events!:
Tuesday December 25, 2012CLOSED for Christmas Day!
Friday December 28 – Sunday December 30 ~ END OF THE YEAR SALE 20%-50% off most items!

What’s Happening This Week at Wag!?

→ Friday December 14, 2012 – INFAMOUS YAPPY HOUR

  • 5-7 pm, as always!!
  • Drinks and YUMMY FOOD (egg nog anyone?)
  • Crazy Christmas Sweater Contest!
    • Wear your craziest Christmas Sweater and compete for a prize!

→ Saturday December 15, 2012 – Here Comes Santa Paws

  • Come down to WAG! sporting your (or your dog’s) best Santa Costume and get a free Christmas-themed gift!


Wednesday 19- Saturday 22, 2012 → Bring us a Playbill from the Flat Rock Playhouse’s “The Nutcracker” and receive a free treat!

Holiday Pet Photos at Wag!!

Need a last minute holiday gift for a family member or friend? Not to worry! Wag! can help 😉

This Saturday, Dec. 8, 2012 at Wag! 2-4pm we will have a professional photographer, Ashley Gillett joining us to take pet portrait photographs. Just in time for the Holidays.

Oh…did we mention? Ashley is a local lady. You all know how we like to keep it local.

These photographs are priced at the low low cost of $15 donation to Blue Ridge Humane Society.

**The photos below are NOT an example of Ashley Gillett’s work. She is better 🙂

***** PLEASE NOTE: Ashley’s photos will be e-mailed to you after the photo shoot. You will then have the option of printing your photographs yourself or ordering them from her for a more professional format and finish.

What’s Happening This Week at Wag!!

→ Friday December 7, 2012 ~ Olde Fashioned Christmas – 5-8pm – Bring the whole family to Downtown Hendersonville for an evening of carolers, entertainment, and merchant’s OPEN HOUSES with refreshments!

→ Saturday December 8, 2012 ~ Holiday Pet Photos!

  • A professional Photographer, Ashley Gillet will be at WAG! to take a photo of your pets just in time for your holiday cards!
  • Cost is just $15 and ALL proceeds will benefit the  Blue Ridge Humane Society!
  • Time: 2-4 pm.
  • Don’t miss out!!

Next Week’s Events!:

Friday December 14, 2012 – YAPPY HOUR! 5-7pm
Saturday December 15, 2012 – Here Comes Santa Paws!

What’s Happening This Week at Wag!

→ Thursday November 29, 2012 – Trails for Tails ~

  • 15% off Yellow Dog Leashes all day!
  • Hit the Trails with a brand new Yellow Dog Leash for a little post-Thanksgiving workout!

Next Week’s Events!! :

Saturday December 1, 2012 ~ Christmas Parade!
Friday December 7, 2012 ~ Olde Fashioned Christmas Downtown!
Saturday December 8, 2012 ~ A professional Photographer will be in Wag! To take pet portraits!